We aspire to create a collaborative, multi-generational community where we place a high value on kindness, respect, gratitude and shared responsibility. We honor each person’s unique way of being and support each other’s interests, skills and contributions to our community, the larger community and the planet.

We recognize that awareness and acceptance of our interdependent nature is the foundation for health, happiness, well-being, and survival. Therefore we commit to more deeply embody our principles so that we may make them a living part of our daily lives and by so doing manifest the community of our aspirations. To this end, we feel that these principles are best held as questions rather than statements, and each of us will continually ask ourselves…

How do I deepen my trust, respect and acceptance of others?
How do I bring joy to our community through both work and play?
How do I resolve conflict responsibly?
How do I live interdependently while acknowledging individuality?
How do I contribute to my community?
How do I authentically care for the members of my community?
How do both I and my community live more lightly on the earth?