Bellingham Cohousing Guiding Principle:

"How do both I and my community live more lightly on the earth?"

2017 Eco Audit Report

In 2017, Bellingham Cohousing's Eco Interest Group conducted a preliminary eco audit for the purpose of identifying how our community could live more sustainably. This report covers the highlights of that eco audit:

Ways that we live more lightly on the Earth:

  • Reducing waste through our monthly free-table
  • Producing electricity on-site with solar PV panels
  • Pre-heating water for a water heater using a solar thermal array
  • Sharing tools and equipment such as lawn mowers, workshop tools, and laundry machines
  • Growing food locally in our community garden and orchard
  • Sharing meals together
  • Composting both on- and off-site
  • Diverting waste from the landfill by recycling