Unit 28 – Room Rental

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Bellingham Cohousing Membership:

Becoming a member of Bellingham Cohousing is much more than just renting or purchasing a unit. There are 33 households and each one is privately owned, but all other parts of our community are shared. We are a self-maintained intentional community, so all members are expected to spend 5-15 hours per month on community upkeep tasks such as work parties, committee meetings, and stewardship roles. In addition to the 5-15 hours, we also have General Meetings twice per month on Sunday afternoons where we use a consensus decision-making process to make important community-wide decisions and our Guiding Principles serve as a guide when making such decisions. There are also plenty of opportunities to participate in social events like our daily Coffee Hour, Community Dinners, potlucks, movie showings and a multitude of other special events. Just like anywhere else, life at Bellingham Cohousing has its ups and downs, but with that in mind, this is an amazing community to be a part of!

About Unit 28:

This unit has a ‘C’-type floorplan, which is a two-level unit with a total of 1,090 square feet. On the ground, there is a kitchen, living/dining room, and a half-bath. Upstairs has two bedrooms and a full bath.

A note from the owner:

Hello, my name is MJ and I’m looking for a quiet, easy-going and friendly renter for the second bedroom in my unit, which comes furnished. I’m neat and tidy (well, most of the time) and I’m trying to eat more healthy. There are two bathrooms, one upstairs and a half-bath downstairs so we sort of share the bathrooms as needed! The kitchen is fully equipped. There is an attic, but it has very limited storage. I do have a housekeeper stop by every two weeks just to keep on top of things.

In addition to myself, there are 2 dogs and 1 cat who are all loving and goofy. This is the maximum number of pets allowed, so unless you have a service or assistance animal, there are no more pets allowed. You must be an avid animal lover and be willing to interact with the dogs and cat. They basically “rule the roost! And yes, the cat does eat on a very clean counter.

If you’d like to learn more about our community, we have coffee everyday at 10 in the Common House. You’re invited to come and socialize at any time, but on the weekends there are more people around and it’s even more fun.

I require a background check plus 3 references, as well as first, last and cleaning deposit upon signing a lease. All utilities are included, which does include internet but not a private home phone line.

The room is available now, please email me at maryjoweslow@bellcoho.com, I am happy to answer any questions!